Zap met je klas

tvbrussel comes to your class

Watching TV in Dutch is a very good way to learn the language, albeit not really easy at times. Not everyone has already sufficient Dutch to be able to understand at once what is being said in TV programmes. And not everyone who appears on TV speaks clear Dutch either. Furthermore, the programmes of Flemish broadcasters are not always interesting for people in Brussels who speak another language.

That is why we want to bring tvbrussel to the student with “Zap in je klas” . The programmes are not played out in Ghent, Antwerp or in the “administrative Brussels,” but in places that the student can recognise. Moreover, they are all subtitled, so dialects or unclear Dutch are no longer a problem.

Teachers can use the programmes to introduce subjects or initiate group discussions and inject dynamism in their lessons in a nice way.

For more information, please go to (only in Dutch)