Groeien in Taal

An offer for Brussels crèches and consultation offices for their communication with parents

Mama singing in Swedish, papa playing in French, and then Dutch at the crèche or at the consultation office: for children in Brussels this can be a reality as soon as they are born. It is very important for parents, for crèches and for consultation offices to deal with this language diversity properly right from the very start.

With the ‘Growing in language’ project, the Dutch Language House provides them with help and support to develop a view of language and of Dutch and to make clearer language arrangements.
This project uses additional instruments such as the practical ‘Groeien in taal’ kit, a pocket dictionary and a growth meter full of tips for parents.

This project is conducted jointly with the language acquisition specialists from the VGC-Dienst Kind&Gezin [Flemish Community Commission – Child&Family Service].