Dutch in the cultural sector

Since 2008, the Dutch Language House of Brussels has, in cooperation with the BKO/RAB (Brussels Kunstenoverleg/Réseau des Arts Bruxelles) [Brussels Arts Network], regularly organised courses for the staff of Brussels cultural institutions and museums.

In cooperation with BKO/RAB, the Brussels Heritage Unit of the Flemish Community Commission and the Brussels Museum Council, the Dutch Language House of Brussels has produced CULTU(U)R(E), a practical pocket dictionary for welcoming cultural visitors in Dutch, French and English.

Patati@bkorab was founded in October 2010. French- and Dutch-speaking colleagues from the cultural sector can meet through Patati to practice their languages and to network. They have at their disposal a website full of tips and ideas and a closed database where participants can create a profile and look up each other. For more information on Patati Patata, click here.