Dutch for parents

Informing parents about learning and practising Dutch

For non-native speaker parents with children in a Dutch-speaking school, understanding Dutch is an advantage. That's why many parents want to learn and to practice Dutch. Some of them, however, do not know where to go. During the information session, parents discover a wide range of options and get all the necessary practical information.

Clear language courses for school teams

Communication between a Dutch-speaking school in Brussels and non-native speaker parents is no simple matter. Parents often have difficulties deciphering what is in a letter from school. Unnecessarily long sentences, wordy turns of phrase, etc. We are all guilty of such practices. A talk with a non-native speaker parent can often be far simpler. During the course, we look, together with the school team, into how written and spoken language can be clearer, using the school’s own material.

Dutch for parents (Nederlands voor ouders) is a project of the Dutch Language House of Brussels, in cooperation with Onderwijscentrum Brussel (OCB) en Voorrangsbeleid Brussel (VBB).