Patati Patata Brussels

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Language learning does not happen solely in the classroom. The best way to learn a language is practice, but that is not always easy in Brussels.

Students of Dutch usually do not know many Dutch-speakers. Engaging in conversation with Dutch -speakers in the street, often leads to a conversation in French or English. That is why Patati Patata Brussels is keen to get Dutch-speaking and other Brussels residents to chat.

On you can look for someone with the same interests but another native language. After agreeing on a time and a place, you practice and speak together whenever and wherever you like.

If you enjoy sports, then look for someone who likes sports too. If you like pubs, then have a chat with a like-minded individual over a drink.

To help you on your way, presents ideas and tips on what to do together: going together for a stroll in the city ,attend a concert or join a sports club.

Would you first like to see what Patati Patata Brussels is about? Then come along during a Patati activity. Once a month our group goes to the pub, the movies or takes part in a (cultural) activity - an ideal opportunity to get together with new or familiar Dutch-speaking and other Patati participants.

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